Planet, society and economy are facing unprecedented challenges. However, massive coordination failures causing these global challenges can be resolved by technologies that are driving the third wave of the Internet. With Vanagon Ventures, we are backing founders applying frontier technology to create positive change for people, planet and a fairer, more transparent economy, while realizing massive long-term growth potential.


Entrepreneurs, Bridgemakers & Technologists

  • Axel Roitzsch
    General Partner
    Axel has a proven startup track record, founded his first company in 2015, sold it in 2020 to build a european market leader. He was awarded with a full scholarship of German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and went through several funding and M&A processes. He is advisor to the Blockchain Founders Group and was Mentor at Climathon.
  • Susanne Fromm
    General Partner
    Led as CEO exchange listed blockchain investment company with portfolio of 40 equity & token projects. Previously, she led the digital health pillar at Allianz Ventures, formed partnerships with startups and Internet giants and was responsible for global rollout of mobile technology at Allianz. Before completing her MBA at INSEAD, she spent 6 years in top management consulting at Roland Berger.

  • Sandro Stark
    General Partner
    Sandro founded his first company in 2017 and later joined Allianz to build 'Allianz Blockchain' Corporate Venture Projects. He partnered with Etherisc on a paramatric climate insurance project and has a proven track record in scaling strategic sales within BigTech (Ex-Microsoft). He was one of the initiators of the think tank ECOTA.
At Vanagon Ventures we take pride in supporting founders who leverage next-frontier technologies to unite two goals: fixing our planet and unlocking substantial long-term growth potential.


Better DEFI Investments
Buy Bitcoin in supermarkets
Web3 x Carbon Marketplace
Sell ESOPs Pre-IPO
heartstocks offers investments in assets that were previously not generally available.
Digital platform for the structuring, issuance and settlement of complex financial products. uses a multi-modal generative AI learning experience to create engaging learning content.


We invest in solutions that increase efficiency, transparency
and sustainability in finance, climate and the Internet or in our words:
Redesigning money to fix the planet.