We power a community of founders solving global coordination failures
( I )
We invest in teams harnessing next frontier technology to enable the transition to a nature positive, regenerative economic system.
Our Mission
Backing a thriving community of founders who build
global digital infrastructure for a regenerative economy
( II )
Digital Environmental Assets will drive sustainable infrastructure financing. Current VCMs and Natural Capital Markets have limitations such as inconsistency in monitoring, lack of transparency, and limited market liquidity.
Open Circularity
Reliable data lays the foundation for sustainable change - open, permissionless and interoperable networks for businesses and industry-focused data exchange platforms will power the coming wave of the green industrial transition.

CLimate Tech
Three-quarters of the world’s $100tn in gross domestic product is made up of traditional legacy industries — such as manufacturing, transportation and logistics, that have yet to be deeply transformed by technology. Software will be the critical enabler to a digital net-zero future.

The Vanagon Advantage
By combining traditional Venture Capital investments with deep network and expertise in the digital asset space, we are able to win meaningful allocations, attract top-tier co-investors and catalyze climate finance
at profit and scale.
A community-driven VC Fund
Being deeply embedded in the European Blockchain landscape since 2016 give us unparalleled access and network to the teams who build meaningful real-life impact companies. Shortsighted trends interest us as little as overall crypto market movements - our sensors are configured for product innovation and business necessity. Out of this ecosystem we target the thriving 'ReFi' subset which enables us to spot outliers first and enable them to achieve substantial market-traction and secure meaningful follow-on funding from both established Climate or Tech investors in Europe but also globally.
We run an own-operated education program
In today's dynamic digital landscape, the transition to greener, more sustainable practices is not just a matter of environmental urgency—it's also a strategic imperative for businesses aiming to remain viable and competitive. Therefore we established a waiting program that meanwhile has +600 people on the waitinglist. Cohort I sarted in September 2023 with 160 participants. Applicants are innovators, corporates, startups, technologists and sustainability experts from e.g. Amazon, Deloitte, Celo, Raiffeisen, Deutsche Bank
"Literally the most supportive early investor I can imagine!" - Adrian Wons, CEO - Senken

While >80% of european VCs haven't founded a company themselves, we now the struggles from finding product market fit until exit ourselves.

  • We pitch our portfolio companies in our network as if they where our own
  • Our skillset allows us to work closely with founders in strategy, growth, fundraising, M&A
  • Expect hands-on growth hacks instead of generic macro advise aka. "adding value"
Join the ReFi journey
Discover investment insights, market trends, and entrepreneurial journeys at the convergence of Open Finance x Climate.
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