Climate Fintech Fund I
We are Vanagon
Planet, society and economy are facing unprecedented challenges. However, massive coordination failures causing these global challenges can be resolved by technologies that are driving the third wave of the Internet.

With Vanagon Ventures, we are backing founders applying frontier technology to create positive change for people and the planet, while realizing massive long-term growth potential.
The planet-positive
Fintech fund
Tapping into the massive
market potential of
Open Finance & Climate
The pressing need to build a regenerative economy met by new technologies leads to unprecedented value creation
Regenerative Economy
The need for rebuilding our economy towards regeneration is increasingly recognized and massive budgets are deployed for e.g. renewable energy, circular economy, new markets for externalities:

  • UN/McKinsey: >$8T USD needed by 2050 to tackle ecological crises.
  • >60% of Fortune Global 500 have set emission reduction targets
New technological enablers
Technologies driving the third wave of the Internet allow for a new level of digitalization and massively support and accelerate the renewal of business models towards regeneration, e.g.:
  • Public ledger technologies i.e. blockchain / smart contracts
  • AI / ML
  • Device networks / IoT
Wave of innovations
Massive value creation results from the combination of technology and the need for the regenerative reconstruction of our economy.

Areas of disruption include
  • Renewal of voluntary climate market via software solutions
  • Innovative financing solutions
  • Open financial infrastructures
  • Stage
    Typically first money in as co-investors or seed round
  • Sectors
    Next frontier tech companies in the area of climate and open financial systems
  • Involvement
    Working closely with founders, help with go to market, bridgemaking to corporates, bringing them on stage
  • Ticket-Size
    Between €100k and €350k​
    60% of fund reserved for follow-on investments and series A rounds
Why founders choose Vanagon
While >80% of GPs in Europe haven't founded a company themselves, we are founders too.
  • We pitch our portfolio companies in our network as if they where our own
  • Our skillset allows us to work closely with founders in strategy, growth, fundraising, M&A
  • We add value & are fun to work with. Expect hands-on growth hacks instead of generic macro advise
Susanne Fromm
GP & Co-Founder
Susanne led as CEO an exchange listed blockchain investment company and has been recognized by leading blockchain media outlet Cointelegraph as top25 blockchain expert in the German speaking region. Previously, she led the digital health pillar at Allianz Ventures, formed partnerships with startups and Internet giants and was responsible for the global rollout of mobile technology at Allianz. Before that, she spent 6 years in top management consulting at Roland Berger. Susanne holds an MBA from INSEAD.
Axel Roitzsch
GP & Co-Founder
Axel has been building and scaling companies since 2012, including Soma Analytics, Europe's most awarded healthcare company in 2016 and Agenturmatching, which he sold to the European market leader in 2020, going through several funding and M&A processes. He was awarded with a full scholarship of German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs. He is advisor to the Blockchain Founders Group and the European Carbon Offset Tokenization Association, mentor at Climathon and a regular speaker at conferences.
Sandro Stark
GP & Co-Founder
Sandro founded his first blockchain company in 2017 and later joined Allianz to build 'Allianz Blockchain' Corporate Venture Projects, where he partnered with Etherisc on a parametric climate insurance project. Previously, he was an Industry Strategist at Microsoft for over 5 years. Sandro is one of the initiators of the climate think tank ECOTA and thought leader on climate and technology topics on Linkedin. He holds a masters degree in management from Imperial College London.
Literally the most supportive early investor I can imagine!

Adrian Wons

Founder & CEO,

Portfolio Companies
senken is the largest marketplace for digital sustainable assets and the #1 gateway for the voluntary carbon market
As the Moody's for ESG-tokens, we are building the first rating and analysis platform for digitized, sustainable assets that offers a trusted, one-stop solution for investors and companies.
Heartstocks offers fully regulated digital equity products as approved securities and issued as retail stocks e.g. for carbon projects
Simetria builds an “ebay for employee stock options”, helping private companies and their employees with secondary market sales. the “DuoLingo” for everything, using modular AI models to automatically generate courses on any topic
Cadeia is a market changing digital solution to structure, issue, and service financial instruments e.g. an Energy Finance Program
Kasuria is the Bloomberg Terminal and strategy builder for DeFi. It helps institutions make DeFi accessible
Insights & Perspectives