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Vanagon Ventures is the early backer for founders building digital solutions at the intersection of climate and finance. We are B2B transformation and digitalization experts and have worked on the rollout of second-wave Internet technologies such as mobile and cloud, which have completely changed our global economy. We know that the technologies of the third wave of the Internet, such as Blockchain & AI, will cause an even larger transformation, so we have developed deep expertise early on. For instance, our footprint in the European Blockchain landscape since 2016 gives us unparalleled access to teams who build meaningful companies with real-life impact.

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Backing the digital green transition
Vanagon Ventures
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More than half of our global GDP directly depend on nature. Digital Environmental Assets will become the core of our economy and our most important asset class. Technology enables Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCMs) and other Natural Capital Markets to overcome limitations such as lack of quality, transparency, and market liquidity.
Reliable data lays the foundation for sustainable change - open, permissionless and interoperable networks for businesses and industry-focused data exchange platforms will power the coming wave of the green industrial transition.
Open finance refers to applications using public data, blockchain technology and API-based integration with banking services in the traditional financial system. The resulting solutions improve data transparency, enhance ESG service offerings and empower the transition towards green financing.
  • A Community-based Venture Fund
    We are embedded in a thriving community of founders. Hosting events and online programs such as ReFi Talents with hundreds of innovators, corporates, startups, technologists and sustainability experts from e.g. Amazon, Deloitte, Celo, Raiffeisen, Deutsche Bank
  • First-Hand Experience

    While >80% of European VCs haven't founded a company themselves, we know the struggles from team building, finding product market fit until exit ourselves. We pitch our portfolio companies in our network as if they where our own. Our skillset allows us to work closely with founders in strategy, growth, fundraising & M&A. Expect hands-on growth hacks instead of generic macro advise.

  • Specialized Expertise
    We have profound expertise in B2B digital transformation and next-frontier software. Our sector and technology focus is situated at the intersection of Climate and Open Finance, enabling us to make more informed investment decisions, better support portfolio companies, and achieve higher returns on our investments.
Portfolio Showcases
  • Axel Roitzsch
    Axel is a technology B2B entrepreneur turned investor with a proven track record in founding, scaling and exiting companies in Germany, Belgium and the UK.

  • Susanne Fromm
    Susanne is a former strategy consultant, corporate executive, and ex-CEO of a listed blockchain investment company, with extensive networks within corporate, startup and investor communities.
  • Sandro Stark
    From founding his first blockchain venture to shaping Blockchain projects at Allianz. With a past at Microsoft and a master's from Imperial College, he is championing emerging technologies for global good.
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Discover investment insights, market trends, and entrepreneurial journeys at the convergence of Open Finance x Climate.
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